General Rules Open Stock 4WD Super Stock 4WD Super Stock 2WD Modified 2WD




  1. Membership will be $100.00 for the vehicle and $25.00 for each driver. Membership will increase to $125.00 after May 20, 2017. With membership of the truck you recieve 2 pit passes, each additional driver will receive one pit pass. Additional pit passes will be $25.00 each, with a maximum of 4 pit passes per truck. Vehicle membership will get 2 people into the banquet and count for points. No points awarded until the membership fee is paid. Must be at least 16 and have a valid driver’slicense and anyone under the age of 18 must have signed permission from parent or guardian.
  2. Entry Fee - Vehicle Member - $20.00 per hook for all classes. Non-Vehicle members -will pay $30.00 per class and 1 time driver fee of $25.00.
  3. To vote you must compete at 50% ormore at Fantasy event. If you were a Fantasy member the previous year and competed at more than 50% of the events and a current member this year, and break down for the season you will still be allowed to vote.Only one vote per truck. No absentee voting allowed.
  4. You must hook to the sled with a measurable distance in order to receive points other than yourshow up points. Going out of bounds-You receive last place points and last place check. You are not considered out of bounds if the sled causes you to bounce back and you hit the chalk line after the truck has stopped.
  5. Trucks may pull a maximum of two hooks.
  6. No entry fee money given back after class has started.
  7. Must be signed in 30 minutes before the show is scheduled to start. $25.00 late fee will be charged if you sign in late. If you are running late let someone know so they can sign you up or call/text Cindy 608.778.2578 and we will get you signed in-this will save you $25.00. You can also roll your numbers ahead of time for the season at the Banquet, Test-n-tune or at any event throughout the year.
  8. Alcohol or drug use is not condoned at Fantasy Truck Pulling events
  9. Unprofessional and/or unsportsmanlike conduct including abusive language and/or physical action by you, toward event official, track official, tech official, fellow competitor, sponsor or spectator will be just cause for total disqualification from said event. No money or points will be awarded for the event and you will be asked to leave.
  10. No unsafe driving at any event, in the pit area, or on the track. No passengers allowed in or on the pulling vehicle while running. Any unreasonable or unsafe action will result in disqualification.
  11. When the truck is running someone has to be in the truck at all times
  12. Working 2 1/2# fire extinguisher required in all trucks except Stock Class at all times.
  13. First puller in the class has the option of pulling over again immediately or returning in last position. Must tell the flagman immediately his/her intentions before unhooking from the sled.You will be allowed two attempts at pulling the sled within 100 feet. If you are 1st hook and turn it down and return later you still have 2 attempts before the 100’ mark on your return hook. If your truck breaks on first attempt within 100 Feet, the puller is allowed to fix and return as the last puller in the class. On repull and pull off there is NO second chance.
  14. Vehicle must stop upon signal from flagman.
  15. Judges have the right to stop and disqualify any vehicle or contestant, or ask for truck to reweigh at any time.
  16. All vehicles are subject to inspection randomly during the season.
  17. No one other than the flagman is allowed to stand on the track between the white lines when a vehicle is going down the track. The white lines do not end with the chalk lines- they extend to infinity and no one should be inside the lines whether visible or imaginary.
  18. All trucks weighed with the driver that will pull in that class.
  19. Weight classes will be 5800# and 6200# for Super Stock 2wd , 6000# & 6200# for Open Stock 4x4, Super Stock 4x4 is 6000# and 6200#. Mod 2wd. -see their rules. 8000# for diesel 4X4.
  20. Weight that is added to vehicle for competition must be securely fastened. Any weight falling from the vehicle while chain is hooked will result in disqualification, unless you have the 1st puller option.
  21. . Any pulling vehicle leaving the staging area after being weighed and before hooking must reweigh and have their hitch rechecked. Any pulling vehicle turning down the 1st hook to rehook later in the class and leaves the staging area must reweigh and have there hitch rechecked. After truck is weighed, if more than 200#'s is moved, truck must reweigh and hitch remeasured. No weight change once you are on the pulling track.
  22. If there is no floor in box, rear wheels must be covered with bed liner or tuneau cover.
  23. Tires may be changed between classes.
  24. Seat belts required in all pulling vehicles and must be worn while pulling.
  25. Steel bell housing and block saver required with all clutches. Bell housing and block saver must be bolted together around bottom. All adjusting slots and holes to be covered with 1/4" steel and securely bolted. Must have safety blanket on automatics.
  26. No fuel pumps, fuel pressure gauges and or batteries in cab, unless factory.
  27. All vehicles must have working reverse lights. Vehicle must have provision for neutral or park start only and have working kill switches.
  28. Must have harmonic balance covers, unless S.F.I. approved, except stock class.
  29. Heavy duty clutches, auto shift kits, and high stall converters allowed. Explosion proof flywheels, clutches, and scatter shields are required. All drive line U-joints are to be enclosed in 360 degree shield - 5/16" aluminum, or 1/4” steel. All U-joint covers must be a minimum of 6" wide and a maximum of 2" clearance from U-joint. Shield should restrain any broken parts. U-joints should not be visible from side, top, or bottom. Drive shaft loops required. Loop must be constructed of 5/16" x l" aluminum 1/4" x 1” steel, and mounted in such a position as to contain the drive shaft in the case of breakage - except stock class.
  30. No vertical hooks allowed, must be horizontal (flat). No twisted clevises. All hitches will be checked with a legal fantasy stand. Hitches must be ridgid in all directions.
  31. No nitrous oxide, alcohol, or pressurized fuel allowed. Alcohol allowed in Mod 2wd only. Oxygenated fuel is allowed. No performance enhancing additives allowed.
  32. No chrome molly frames allowed (except Modified 2 WD).
  33. No hemi heads.
  34. No use of electronic traction control devices on pulling vehicles.
  35. If chalk line goes past 300" you must stay within chalk line. If first puller in the class goes out of bounds, you may take the rehook. Past 300’ without track markings you are not out of bounds. If sled pushes you out of bounds you are not DQ.
  36. DOT approved Helmets must be worn and strapped in all classes. Fire jackets and fire pants- (no shorts) – and gloves are to be in all classes. No open toed shoes. If caught not wearing protective fire gear or helmet by flag person while hooked to sled, -1 ST offense is a verbal warning 2nd offense is DISQUALIFICATION.
  37. Protest procedure – Must be in the same class- protesting party must put up $50.00 and have his truck checked also. If found legal owner of the truck gets to eep the money. If the truck is found illegal the club keeps the money. If pumped and found illegal you do have the option to have your engine torn down to prove its legal.
  38. If caught being illegal you will lose your points and money for that event. Caught a 2nd time you will lose money and points and be banned from the next 2 pulls. A 3rd time will result in being banned for a year. Being illegal is anything that is a performance violation.
  39. Rules will stay the same for one year.
  40. Points are not transferable if the vehicle is sold.
  41. President, Vice President & Secretary will have 3 year terms. Board members and at large members will have 2 year terms. You may step down at anytime from your term.
  42. Rules Meeting. All proposed rule changes must be given to your classtech person before the end of the pulling season. It will than be taken to the board of directors meeting. We will give you an exact date later in the year. Nothing will be voted on unless it is put on the agenda. You must be in the class in order to propose a rule change for that class.




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  1. Definition of a Super Stock Truck: A 1/2, 3/4, or 1 ton stock pickup that has had alterations made to its parts to make it a super stock. Any alterations to the stock type component can be internal or external as long as the alteration does not remove the component from being a pickup truck.
  2. Vehicle may not be stripped beyond safe operating condition - hood, fenders, and doors.
  3. Must be a factory production vehicle. Truck and engine must be of same manufacturer. Engine must be in stock location, or no less than 14" from center of front axle to the front of the bell housing. Engine limit - 530 C.I. limit (5 C.I. leeway).
  4. No tube frames- Must run stock pickup frame.
  5. Dual shocks, solid suspension, blocks and traction bars allowed. Any automotive type spring may be used. Any combination of the above is allowed on front or rear axle.
  6. Plummer suspension is not allowed. Must have factory, functional, front suspension.
  7. Must have push bars 36” or below. No lower than 24” solid construction.
  8. Maximum wheel base 133”.
  9. Fuel pressure gauge must be mounted outside of truck cab. No nitrous oxide, alcohol, or pressurized fuel allowed.
  10. Headers allowed. Any ignition permitted.
  11. All safety equipment required - loops, scatter shield, rear axle covers, kill switch. All kill switches must shut off ignition and fuel pumps. No modifications to bell housing in line of fly wheel.
  12. Any drive line component spinning at engine speed or faster must be totally enclosed.
  13. Weight added to vehicle must be securely fastened. Weight may not exceed 60” from center of front axle.
  14. Hitch must be rigid in all directions with a maximum hitch height of 26”. Draw bar to be minimum of 27% of truck wheel base from center of rear axle to point of hook and have a clear point of hook with a minimum of 3.75”X 3.0” opening. If drawbar height adjuster is fastened to rear differential it must be attached to the center of axle or below. Pin to hook straight line no more than 25 degrees.
  15. Maximum tire size 35xI2.50/15, 16, or 16.5” tire. Maximum 10” rim - inside bead to bead. No dual wheels. Must be DOT approved tire. Cyped tires allowed. If wheel tread is offset, center line of front tires must run within tread of rear tires.
  16. Any camshaft, single carb, or intake manifold can be used. Must be of stock configurations - tunnel rams, pro rams, etc. are not permitted. No sheet metal intakes. No blowers or hemi heads allowed. Engines must be naturally aspirated. Aluminum heads allowed.
  17. Heads that are not allowed: Pontiac Big Chief, Olds Big Chief, Dart Big Chief, Brodix Big Duke, Ford C460, Ford E460 or Blue Thunder Thor. No pro stock heads allowed. No hemi heads. Chevy, Dodges run any Siamese cylinder head, Fords can run Trickflow A460 or Blue Thunder heads. No EX514 cast or aluminum or eliminater heads allowed.
  18. No 5" bore space engines or heads.
  19. No aluminum blocks allowed.
  20. Any big rear end allowed. No planetary. Reverser and quick change transfer case allowed.
  21. Any single speed front axle allowed.
  22. Kill switch must be located in the rear center of the vehicle (maximum of 6 inches left or right of center, maximum of 24 inches above the point of hook).
  23. Must also follow Fantasy Truck Pullers general rules and guidelines.
  24. Any questions, contact a board member.



  1. Must be factory type production pickup. Must contain factory type engine in factory (stock) location but no less than 14" from center of front axle to bell housing mounting surface on block.
  2. Stock type frame rails must be used from center of front axle to center of rear axle.
  3. No T-buckets
  4. Must have brakes, and front and rear glass or Plexiglas. Vehicle may not be stripped beyond safe operating condition-- hood, fenders, doors, glass and brakes. Vehicle cab must have full metal floor of steel or aluminum. Openings & covers allowed for transmission, clutch pedal, brake pedals etc.
  5. No fiberglass bodies. Fiberglass hoods will be allowed.
  6. Engine limit - 480 C. I. limit (5 C.I. leeway). Naturally aspirated engine only.
  7. Headers allowed. Any commercially available cast single carb intake allowed. No tunnel rams. Maximum height of manifold with adapter and/or spacers cannot exceed 11 inches as measured from bottom of carburetor base down to block end rails. 4500 manifold allowed.
  8. Single 4150 4 bbl style carburetor only. Throttle bores must measure less than 2 inches. No 4500 series carbs (ie Holley Dominator, Quick Fuel QFX series, King Demon). No single barrel carbs, no fuel injection.
  9. No aluminum heads and or blocks. Aftermarket cast iron heads allowed. Valve angles must be within 3 degrees of stock OEM cast iron heads
  10. No dry sump. No external oil pump.
  11. No magnetos.
  12. All safety equipment required - loops, scatter shield, and kill switches. All kill switched must shut off ignition and fuel pumps.
  13. Any single aftermarket 3 speed manual transmission allowed. No air shifter, no reverser. If running automatic transmission, one drop box allowed.
  14. One single speed or 2 speed rear axle allowed. The only planetary allowed are those in 2 speed rear axles. Rear axle covers required.
  15. Can have weight bracket on front. Weight may not exceed 180" from center of rear axle to furthest point forward.
  16. Hitch height 30".
  17. Hitches must be rigid in all directions. Draw bar length to be minimum of 27% of truck wheel base from center of rear axle to point of hook, and have a clear hook. Maximum wheel base 133".
  18. Must be DOT approved tires. Maximum tire size 35" x 12.5" or LT3 15-7 5R 16. No dual wheels allowed.
  19. No alterations to tread allowed. Cyped tires allowed.
  20. Kill switch must be located in the rear center of the vehicle (maxin1um of 6 inches left or right off center, maximum of 24 inches above the point of hook). Must have 2" steel ring.
  21. Must also follow Fantasy Truck Pullers general rules and guidelines.
  22. Any questions, contact a board member.



  1. Engine limits 480 CI for blown and 530 CI naturally aspirated (5 CI leeway).
  2. Ignitions allowed: Magnetos MSD 20 or Mallory Super Mag 5, and MSD 10AL. These are the maximum size allowed. Ignitions rated less than these ignitions are allowed.
  3. The only cylinder heads allowed are: Dart 360 and 320, Brodix BB2 extras, Dart 345 Pro 1, and Dart 355 Pro 1, Ford Blue Thunder heads, any other Ford head must be approved by membership, Dodge factory heads, and Indy 440-1 (excluding Hemi heads). Any cylinder heads not listed above must have membership approval before being able to compete. This head selection is based on what is available as of December 2005. Any new version of these heads with modification (such as valve angle, etc) must be approved by membership. No Hemi or four valve Heads Allowed. No 5” Bore spacing blocks or heads.
  4. Compression not to exceed 8.5 on whistler. NO LEEWAY.
  5. 6-71 blower roots type only. Cast rotors only. No high helix or front discharge type blower. Blower must be approved by a 2WD Board Member before being able to compete. 1 to1 or under blower drive ratio. Blower restraint required. Must have aluminum blower studs. Set-back blowers are not allowed. (For definition of set-back blower, contact Board Member).
  6. The only blower manifolds allowed for Chevy & Ford engines are Littlefield & BDS tall or short deck manifolds. Indy competition manifolds for Chrysler wedge style engines only. All other blower manifolds must be approved by the membership. No inner cooler allowed. No sheet metal intakes. Must have pop-off plate or burst panel on intake.
  7. Shield around blower belt must surround belt, except bottom of bottom pulley. Must be as wide as belt, must be minimum 16 gauge material, and must be securely fastened in a minimum of 3 places.
  8. Port injection is not allowed. All fuel must go through blower. High speed lean out system will not be allowed.
  9. Must have fuel shutoff.
  10. A spacer between blower and injector is allowed - maximum 4” tall. Both surfaces of spacer must be parallel with top of blower.
  11. Enderly Bird Catcher or Enderly Big & Ugly with 4-3/8 butterflies are the only injection system allowed. No center blade is allowed in any injection system.
  12. Engine rules are set for 5 years at the start of 2005. These rules may be changed, but require 75% approval vote by the 2WD membership.
  13. Motors will be pumped for CI (Vehicle owner must be present or have someone capable of removing the rocker arms assembly-tech inspectors will not perform this task).
  14. Hitch will be at 30” and weight will be at 6000 lbs for both blowers, 30” 6200 lbs natural aspirated motors. Hitch must be ridged in all directions.
  15. May use custom frame. 180” center rear axle to farthest point forward, weight incl. with the exception of a 10” over-length allowance or cosmetic fiberglass only, no steel structure renforcement or steel bumpers allowed past 180”. This allowance is for 1994 and newer dodges, 96 and newer fords, 98 and newer chevy-gmc. must be factory production truck (No T Buckets).
  16. Must have front and rear glass or Plexiglas. Vehicle may not be stripped beyond safe operating conditions(hood, fenders and doors. factory box must have floor or cover.) must have firewall between motor and driver.
  17. Side shields will be required on all trucks. These must cover from bottom of block to top of cylinder deck- to min. of .060 steel or aluminum, frame may act as shield.
  18. Trucks with planetary rear-end, drive shafts must be covered 360* with 5/16” steel or 3/8 alum. round material.
  19. No Nitrous oxide, nitro methane ,or oxynated fuels or pressurized fuels of any kind allowed. Alcohol only.
  20. Any tire, any rim, any alterations allowed. Max. tire size 18.4” x 16.1”. max. wheel width 20”.
  21. All weight added to vehicle must be securely fastened.
  22. Wheelie bars and push bars required. Must have kill switch Located in rear of vehicle(max. 6”left or right of center , max 24” above hook point 2” steel ring required. Working reverse light required.
  23. Driver must wear full fire suit, fire gloves, fire shoes, head sock or helmet with fire sock built in.
  24. Must also follow Fantasy Truck Pullers general rules and guidelines.
  25. Any questions, contact a board member.